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EU COST ACTION CA21127 meeting

[9-10.03.23, GLIWICE, POLAND]

9-10.03.2023, Dr. Kazbulat Shogenov (representing Shogenergy consulting company) and Dr. Alla Shogenova (representing TalTech) participated in the second working meeting of the new research network Transmit (Techno-Economic analysis of carbon mitigation technologies) in the frames of European initiative COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology, organized in Silesian Technical University. More than 60 people participated on-site and online from 23 countries. 

Dr. Shogenov (Science Communication Coordinator in the TRANSmit project) made a presentation on SHOGenergy company in the light of their educational experience (the course on Carbon Neutral Geo-Technologies. LEVEL I, organized last week) the full chain CCUS technology, that can be used in the frames of the project to host summer schools and other educational actions. Also, it was offered for the students and researchers, participating in the project, to publish for free in the high-cited and highly scored scientific journal MDPI, Sustainability (special issue edited by Dr. Kazbulat Shogenov and Dr. Alla Shogenova) “Geological Insights for a Carbon-Free, Sustainable Environment”. 

All five work packages were productively discussed during the meeting and a plan for further actions was established. 


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