New technology for exploration of geo-resources using satellites and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Phenomenon (NMR) – SKYGEOEXPLORENOVA-NMR (SGEN-NMR)

Starting in 2022, SHOGenergy is a commercial partner of the Estbrand company (, which offers new-generation geo-resources exploration (oil, gas, metals, rare-earth minerals, Critical Raw Materials, water and geothermal energy) and structural studies (for example, investigation of geological structures for energy (H2) or CO2 and natural gas storage, or for radioactive wastes storage).

In the frames of Estbrand, this unique technology is called GEODETECT NMR. 

Based on our expertise, SHOGenergy is responsible for mapping deep geological structures that have the potential for Geothermal energy, Underground Storage of Gases such as methane, CO2, and H2, as well as Radioactive waste storage. SHOGenergy is also responsible for presenting this technology to academia and companies, and for implementing it in various European projects.

In the frames of SHOGenergy, we call the technology – SKYGEOEXPLORENOVA-NMR (SGEN-NMR).

Remote diagnostics and sensing of the Earth (RDSE) with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is a physical phenomenon that provides analytical data on the type, number, and arrangement of atoms in chemical systems, liquids, and solids. 

The nuclei of atoms are perturbed by a special type of magnetic field which induces the production of an electromagnetic signal with a frequency characteristic of the magnetic field in the nucleus: i.e. a trace of the exact type of substance.

How does it work?

1. Satellite Images
Very high-resolution analogue photography, taken from space
2. Atomic Spectrum
Preparation of test plates for recording the spectra of substances
3. NMR in Labs
Gel plates are irradiated to determine the precise location, depth, thickness, pressure, porosity, reserves and more about the quality of the substance deposits
4. Business Data – Report
Creation of high-quality business data maps and diagrams for clients

About the process


Geo exploration areas


-Very short and reduced
delivery times

Reduce to 2 months
The time required to determine the exact location of the extraction or drilling area of the industrial well.

– Reduce direct and indirect costs
No more environmental permitting procedures, incidents with locals, regulations and much more, before knowing the potential commercial value of the deposits.

-Increase in reserves & accident prevention

We can offer more reserves for your growth and goals. Safety is our priority when deepening tunnels near gas zones or drilling in high-pressure areas.




3D Seismic Exploration




2 months





 1-2 years (seismic)



3D Seismic Exploration


physical principle,





Examples of reports



Abstract at PAGE 53

  • Shogenov, K., Shogenova, A., Ivashchenko, P., Azykovskyy, S. (2024). Satellite Exploration of Earth Resources Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Phenomenon: Application for Estonia. 10. Bulletin of the Estonian Geological Society, 52−54.

Our references

Our references

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