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SHOGenergy, a research-based (TalTech, Department of Geology-based) and innovation consulting &  education-supporting company, was established by the best experts in the field of CCUS (CO2 Capture, Transport, Use and Geological Storage) and petrophysics in the Baltic States to provide You with a green, carbon-free world!

Special Forces are making special solutions!

We Wish You a brilliant carbon-neutral journey!

OUR CO2-capture special forces TEAM

Meet Our Expert Team


Dr kazbulat shogenov

CEO & Founder

Research scientist at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Department of Geology, with experience in the university of more than 20 years, has defended his PhD thesis in TalTech in 2015 in the field of CCS and seismic numerical modelling in the Baltic Region.

His research includes the integration of CCS experiments with numerical geological, geophysical and petrophysical modelling.

Recently, he has proposed a new innovative concept of CCUS synergy with renewable energy providing many benefits.






Dr Shogenova is:

– Senior Researcher at the Department of Geology at TalTech

-President of the ENeRG network (2022-2023)

– Board member of the BASRECCS network, CO2GeoNet member representative

– Management Committee member of the two COST Actions (COST Action Geothermal-DHC) and COST Action CA21127 – TrANsMIT).

– Work package leader in EC Horizon 2020 project CLEANKER and Horizon Europe project CCUS ZEN, responsible for the Baltic States in the Horizon 2020 project Hystories (Hydrogen Storage in European Subsurface)

Dr Shogenova is an author of more than 160 scientific publications. 

She is one of the best experts in Europe and in the World, owing to her unique knowledge of the full chain of CCUS technology.




DR Tõnu Martma

scientific adviser

Tõnu Martma is an expert in stable Isotope mass-spectrometry and its applications in geology and climate sciences.

Tõnu is an author and co-author of more than 100 articles published in the top scientific journals.

He is a member of the International Glaciological Society, the European Society for Isotope Research, and the Estonian Polar Club.

He was the head of the Laboratory of mass spectrometry in TalTech for about 15 years. He participated in many national and international research projects and supervised PhD and Master’s students ( 

He is the co-author of some of the very important publications on climate change: paper-1, paper-2, paper-3




Dr. Mustafa Cem Usta


Dr. Mustafa Cem Usta is a researcher at TalTech focusing on mineral carbonation and waste utilization applications in CCUS.

He is an active scholar in the field and received his PhD degree from TalTech in December 2023. He has recently co-supervised two master’s theses at the university. His commitment to excellence is demonstrated through his research publications in reputed international journals and presentations at international conferences.

He has worked as a researcher for various national and international projects. The most notable projects include:

The EC Horizon 2020 project CLEANKER where he contributed to research on the carbonation potential of industrial alkaline residues and mineralization optimization in reactor design.

Estonian Research Council project on “Fundamentals of multicomponent mineral-organic systems”




The main mission

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To share a significant scientific experience of the company Team members in the field of CCUS (CO2 capture, transport, use and geological storage) and energy storage with stakeholders, policymakers, research, production and consulting companies, universities, institutes and schools.


EU, US and other countries' policies, legislations and acts


Economical modelling

CO2 capture

Oxyfuel combustion,
Negative emission technologies (NETS): Direct Air Capture, BEC- Bio-CCS


Pipelines, tracks, ships

CO2 geological storage (CGS)

Full chain of CGS routine

H2 underground storage (UHS)

Full chain of UHS routine including CO2

geothermal energy recovery (CPG)

Full chain of CPG routine


Full chain of

CO2-EOR routine

planning, Methodology & risk assessment

- Preparation & providing research projects and studies
- Methodology development
- Assessment of risks
- Risk to benefit transformation concept
- Geological, geochemical, storage capacity, biological, social, political, etc. uncertainties.

data management, Analysis & interpretation

- Data collection & management (old analogue & new digital)
- Databases creation & administration
- Mapping
- Analysis of data
- Interpretation of data using statistical analysis

lab measurements& experiments

- Drill core study
- Rock sampling
- Powder preparation
- Think-sections preparation
- Petrophysical study
- Geochemical study
- Mineralogical study

- CO2 alteration experiments

storage site selection

- Estimation of prospective storage sites
- Quality evaluation
- Site selection

storage capacity

-Qualitative estimation
- Quantitative estimation
- Aquifer storage
- Oil reservoir storage
- Evaluation of storage potential with different levels of reliability
- Optimistic, conservative & realistic cases


Numerical geological, geophysical, petrophysical modelling and fluid flow simulation and integration with CCS alteration experiments


- 4-d seismic numerical modelling
- Monitoring option selection

Synrgy concepts

Multiple-Win-Synergy-Concept demonstrates the integration of innovative storage and renewable energy technologies in one synergy project

fossil fuel business redirecting

- New concept of CO2 & hydrogen storage site marketing
- Retargeting fossil fuel business (the depleted oil and gas fields) into the storage-targeted and renewable energy business
- Principles of circular economy and sustainable use of resources and environment

wastes storage

New online course on Underground Disposal and Storage of Waste was developed:
- Waste types
- Radioactive wastes
- Radioactive wastes economy: planning, exploitation, decommissioning, monitoring
- World practice and examples

E-learning courses

- Modelling of E-courses
- Development of E-learning structure & strategy
- Complete design


- Master and PhD studies
- Courses
- Lectures for private companies, schools, higher education, ministries and government

OUR services

According to our expertise we offer:

Our services are not limited to the listed offer. Please contact us to find the best way to solve your problem and satisfy your request!

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MEET OUR partners TEAM

Due to 15+ years of participation of SHOGenergy members in the CCUS consortiums (CO2GeoNet, ENeRG, BASRECCS, COST Actions: Geothermal-DHC and TrANsMIT) and projects (ENOS, CLEANKER, ESTMAP, CGS EUROPE, CO2NET EAST, EU GEOCAPACITY, CO2STOP, etc.), the list of our partners is incredible: