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ENeRG website management

ENeRG website management

Acting as Financial Manager of ENeRG, PGI-NRI hereby requests, in accordance with the ENeRG Steering  Committee decision (Minutes of the Steering Committee meeting on 14th Dec 2021), NGO ShogEnergy Consulting & Solutions for Energy and Cement Sector, Pae 17a-27, 11414 Tallinn, Estonia, who hereby accepts to carry out the Specific Activity of ENeRG Website development and maintenance for the period 01st Jan 2022 – 31st Dec 2023.

The Website activity is described as follows:

Website development and maintenance 

  • operating ENeRG website based on the latest version of the platform WordPress; 
  • providing web hosting and backup of the website; 
  • planning the development of the ENeRG website as technically necessary in accordance with the Consortium decisions;
  • collecting and maintaining the ENeRG contact list and publication database; 
  • updating and maintaining the use of the database of the ENeRG Consortium; 
  • collecting any documents pertinent to the ENeRG consortium and transferring them to the ENeRG website; 
  • other tasks concerning the Website development and maintenance which might become necessary during the course of consortium activities. 

In the frames of the contract, the ENeRG logo was updated.

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