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Together with Co-Initiators AI4Good and KI Bundesverband, ekipa conducted the AI & Data Science Innovation Program, in which the digital generation consisting of students, researchers and start-ups was called upon to develop (digital) innovations in cooperation with established companies and organizations.

Over 20 countries with a total of 159 participants developed new concepts and ideas around the sustainable and digital future based on 4 real topics and challenges of cooperation- organisations from business and society.

Our company SHOGenergy participated in the “Joyful Diversity with AI (“Artificial Intelligence) Challenge by BMW. We have developed and submitted a creative and innovative solution in form of a business model, leveraging AI technology for the benefit of business and society.
🛸 Our crazy concept of a new generation of energy synergy of different fuel systems integrated in one car was presented. This time BMW did not accept our ideas. But we are ready to sell it for any more scientifically and innovation-ready and -flexible companies.

Feel free to cooperate with us! You will find these ideas maximum applicable and very soon in production. Be first, who will get it!

We are developing innovations, we are developing FUTURE!

All our crazy ideas are becoming a concepts with 100% of success!

…Yours SHOGenergy…

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