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Horizon Europe project CCUS ZEN

The Kick-off meeting of the new Horizon Europe project CCUS ZEN (Zero Emission Network to facilitate CCUS uptake in the industry) coordinated by SINTEF (Norway) took place on 28-29 September in Paris. The project started in September, with all 14 partners and 60 network members gathering for a kick-off meeting in Paris. ENeRG members from three countries are among the CCUS ZEN partners (TalTech, PGI-NRI, METU), while  ENeRG is one of the network members.

The event was hosted by one of the partners, Technip Energies. The two-day event gave the opportunity to participants to connect and align on project milestones and main objectives. Workshops were held to share technical, regulatory, development planning, and commercial insights.

TalTech is coordinating the WP3 in the project. Dr. Alla Shogenova, a senior researcher from the TalTech Department of Geology, ENeRG president, and director of research at SHOGenergy consulting company made a presentation on WP3 (Value Chain Scenarios).

The meeting group photo includes project partners from 10 countries and network members from all the Europe and worldwide.  For more information, you can read the press release.

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