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Hystories Final conference

[25-26 May 2023], Paris.

Just after the 2nd European Underground Energy Storage Workshop, Dr. Alla Shogenova and Dr. Kazbulat Shogenov participated in the final conference of the Hystories project (HYdrogen STORage In European Subsurface, at the Paris School of Mines.

Hystories is an ambitious two-year project funded by the EU to support technical developments for pure hydrogen storage in depleted fields and aquifers. The project started in January 2021 and will finish in July 2023. Experts and scientists from 17 European countries are working together to reach these goals. The project is led by the French Geostock company (, with more than 55 years of experience in underground hydrocarbon storage.

It is a big honor for our “Underground Energy and CO2 Storage Special Forces team,” representing the TalTech Department of Geology, to participate in the project as a 3rd party within the CO2GeoNet network, collecting and mapping data for hydrogen geological storage sites in three Baltic States. Alla and Kazbulat were co-authors of the project deliverables.

The conference presented a significant number of research projects in the field of hydrogen storage, including economic modelling and lab experiments with storage reservoir core samples and equipment. Several business cases and the largest pilot projects on underground H2 storage in Europe were also presented: RAG Austria AG’s Underground Sun.Storage project, Gasunie’s HyStock (The Netherlands) and H2Cast (Germany) projects, HyPSTER (Hydrogen Pilot Storage for Large Ecosystem Replication) project, Krummörn (Germany)’s Uniper energy storage project, among others. Over 150 representatives from research and industry took part in the event on-site.

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The program and video recording of the conference are available at

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