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2nd European Underground Energy Storage Workshop

[23-24 May 2023], Paris

Dr. Kazbulat Shogenov and Dr. Alla Shogenova participated in the 2nd European Underground Energy Storage Workshop, organized by the ENeRG network ( and COST Action Geothermal-DHC and EuroGeoSurveys.  

Dr. Shogenov made an oral presentation (“Comparison of carbon-neutral technologies and need for energy storage”) and poster presentation (“New synergy concept of geothermal energy recovery, CO2 & green hydrogen geological storage in the Baltic offshore structure”), and participated as oral session convener, photographer and helped with workshop organization. 

The workshop was organized in the heart of Paris in memory of our colleague Dr. Vit Hladik from the Geological Survey of Czech Republic, superior person, who died in February 2023.  

Dr. Shogenova made an introductory presentation about Dr. Vit Haldik opening the workshop. She was one of the key organizers of this event. 

Underground energy (Hydrogen, compressed air, hydropower, etc.) and CO2 storage (presentations of the workshop were mostly focused on the projects of Hydrogen and CO2 storage, and geothermal energy) is a new challenge for researchers, energy producers and policy-makers for the next 10-100 of years. 

 If you are interested in cooperation (projects, business models, consulting, education, etc. in the field of CO2 capture, use/utilization and geological storage, geothermal energy recovery using CO2, Hydrogen underground storage, synergy of different renewables, development of unconventional circular economy concepts based on renewable energy, etc.), please contact us:

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