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AAPG CCUS course [23.09.2022]

 At the end of September, the founder and president of SHOGenergy consulting company, Dr. Kazbulat Shogenov,  participated as a lecturer (representing the company SHOGenergy and Tallinn University of Technology – TalTech) in a training course organized by the American consulting company U3 Explore

( under the auspices of AAPG  Latin America & Caribbean (The American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Section of Latin America and the Caribbean) on the topic “Application of Oil and Gas Industry Skills to Subsurface Carbon Storage and Carbon Trading Economy”.

Shared our unique experience in the field of CCS (CO2 Capture and Storage) with course participants. Topic of my session was: Best practices in CCS Projects Delivery (How to avoid common mistakes).

Despite the time difference, the session was successful,

although it ended after midnight Estonian time. The audience asked many interesting questions and received detailed answers.

Most recently (after the EAGE world-famous geological conference in Madrid in June this year), our consulting company SHOGenergy began to cooperate with the American consulting company U3 Explore (USA, Texas) and already have made the first productive results. We look forward to implement our

American-style great plans soon!

 🙏 We thank the founder and managing director of U3 Explore Katya Casey for the invitation to take part in the project!


 This is already the second productive collaboration of the founder and president of SHOGenergy, Dr. Kazbulat Shogenov, with the world-famous AAPG network (in the summer with the Turkish section and now with the Latin American).

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