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SHOGEN club in TalTech

šŸ’ŽShogenClub in TalTech šŸ§¬

Athletes of the Katleri Taekwondo/Katleri Shogen Club – Estonian Taekwondo Team (from 8 to 40 years old), as well as their parents, visited the Tallinn Technical University (TalTech – Tallinn University of Technology – Tallinna TehnikaĆ¼likool – Tallinn University of Technology, before TTU) and the Department of Geology TalTech Geoloogia Instituut, where their coach and CEO of SHOGenergy Dr Kazbulat Shogenov is working as a researcher.

By the demand of the sportsmen, it was organized a tour in TalTech between preparations for the European Club Championship in the Olympic version of Taekwondo WT (in Tallinn, 21-26 of August 2022).

Held a sightseeing tour of almost the entire territory of TalTech. We studied the Department of Geology in more detail – laboratories, storage of rocks and water samples, including those cooled in a refrigerator (in such hot weather it was a favourite place for visitors), looked at thin sections of rocks under a microscope, looked at the unique Scanning Electron Microscope, hung out in my office, looked at the current work (building a geological cross-section between Lithuania and Estonia for geothermal research), showed my research work from the past and a collection of almost 40 medals from high-level international competitions, etc.

The highlight of the tour was a new multimedia presentation in the conference hall in the Department of Geology about my current research, the results of my research for 15 years in the field of geological storage of CO2 and energy, about the new company SHOGenergy. Children asked a lot of questions and got answers to them. I hope, nevertheless, it was useful for their general development.

In parallel, the children tasted a delicious pretzel with milk and cocoa, and the parents drank coffee.

Children were motivated after school to go to universities, preferably to join us, to do science and benefit humanity!

šŸ§¬ Do science and develop yourself in all directions

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